Homebrew Nights at Thirsty


Our good friends at Thirsty are now making every Friday night from 7pm homebrew night. This means you can take your homebrews down to Thirsty at Liang Court every Friday and share them with Roland, Jasper and Evonne down there to get feedback on them. You can also share them with other craft beer connoisseurs  that might be enjoying a bottle from the extensive range of craft beers they stock.

To get things kicked off KK and I (Natasha was in Taiwan) took down some of our own beers to share. We brought down: Shiok Sour, Girly Drink (a blackcurrant sour plum fruit beer), Bubblegum Belgian (a 12% Belgian quad fermented with bread yeast), a gruit (an unhopped old school beer) and a Boring Brown ale that seems to have got infected and is now quality sour – what a result.

KK brought down an Oktoberfest and pale ale hopped with Zythos. He also brought a jug to catch any excitement from his bottles, which is kinda of his specialty – I kid. Me and KK have a friendly rivalry going on and he has been doing better than me at the recent meetups, with his beers finishing higher placed than mine. I put this down to him not brewing to style but for the audience. He says he just makes better beer than me.

The tasting at Thirsty went better in my favour though! The Shiok Sour was a resounding success this might have more to do with the fact that most of the tasters were hardened craft beer drinkers from the US. People also seemed to appreciate the Girly Drink even thought they found it a bit too girly. I did find one liker for the Gruit, which most people didn’t like its botanical taste, as we put mugwort, yarrow, juniper and ginger. The Bubblegum Belgian got mixed reviews as it was just a bit too fruity for its style – we were aiming for a Rochefort 10 clone. Now on to KK’s beers: As expected, both of his beers didn’t disappoint but did exit the bottle with much vigour when opened. His Oktoberfest suffered from some off flavours most likely to do with under pitching/wild yeast infection.  His pale ale was descent but suffered from a distinct lack of hops due to it being eight months young.

The homebrew sharing was really good fun and allowed a brand new audience to try our beer. We are going to try go down monthly when we have new beers to share with the guys down there. If you do have the homebrews you want to share pop down any Friday after 7pm. You may even catch us down there.

Thirsty – Craft Beer Shop
177 River Valley Rd
Liang Court
Tel: 8307 1995
event dates: Fridays, 7pm.

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