Yepp, we’re bringing our kegs out for the first time ever (barbecues don’t count)!

Nick and I are bringing two beers and a talk to The Great Beer Experiment this Sunday at 10.30am. It’s really early to be awake on a Sunday morning, if you ask us, anything for good craft beer is worth sacrificing sleep for!


Titled The Great Singapore Experiment, the awesome Corrine and Lincoln from TGBE have invited ourselves, Aditya Challa from Jungle Beer and Scott Robinson from Brewerkz to speak on a bunch of topics craft beer related and share our brews. Nick and I will be speaking from the home brew perspective, sharing our experiences brewing in Singapore (it’s tough, but it can be done!). And because this is a damn great beer event, we’re also hijacking TGBE’s taps to share two beers with you:

Tasty Wheat! A dry hopped Belgian wheat beer, flavoured with Citra hops. If you’re not familiar with the hop, it adds a whiff of mango. This is an easy drinker for a really warm day out, or a beer newbie.

Chinook IPA! A more advanced beer for the hardier palate, this Indian Pale Ale is a single-hopped beer, using only Chinook hops to add bitterness and flavour. This brew has a sweet, malty body and tastes of pine, and subtler flavours of spices and herbs. Brewed as part of our single-hopped IPA series of beer to help us learn how the different hops play out in a beer.

So see you there maybe? :) We really hope to meet more craft beer fans in Singapore, and maybe convert a few of you lager drinkers into the damn bright, damn awesome side of beer!

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