Curious about our mashing system? Find out more at GeekcampSG

Are you curious to find out what we are using to craft our beers at home? Our equipment is a mix of cheap local and second hand parts, hacked and modified to make a versatile brew setup. We plan to write about the technology on this blog in the future, but if you happen to attend this years GeekcampSG, you have the chance to attend a presentation by Markus showing some of the tech off. If you want to know how the Arduino and the Raspberry PiĀ  are used to control a soup heater for mashing and a second-hand fridge for fermentation, go over to the GeekcampSG website, vote for our talk proposal and register for the event.

We are happy to annouce we will hopefully be providing two kegs of beer for this event. So you will all get chance to taste the brews the technology makes. The two beers will be an American Pale Ale and an Irish Red Ale.


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