Nick & Nat are going on a mini-pilgrimage!

Happy long weekend, you beer loving folks! :) Nick and I have been so massively busy with thesis writing and work, respectively, that we actually forgot to book a holiday for the four day long extravaganza that is Hari Raya and National Day. Nevertheless, we managed to score an awesome staycation at The Fullerton (thanks Fullerton and Time Out!), but more on that another time.


Having missed out on this chance to leave town, we’ve decided to book a quick weekend trip away just in time for a beer event happening nearby in September. Spreading the craft beer missive from their location in Kuala Lumpur, Taps is holding their annual Better Beer Festival on 7 September and we’ve confirmed our flights to go celebrate with them! The organisers are promising beer talks, live music and of course, tons of beer – and I seriously can’t wait to be there, in part because I’d like to get out of the country, and in part because I can’t wait to sample my way through the bar’s many taps. :)

Everyone around us seems to be in a bit of a summer mood lately. Will you be heading out of town on a trip just in search of beer too? Tell us about your dream boozey holiday!

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