beer can lah is a journal of homebrewing, tasting and other beer and food related thoughts of Nick Lewty and Natasha Hong.

United in our love for craft brews and the occasional whiskey, we have spent the last three years growing our knowledge of beer by tasting and making our way through a huge variety of the drink. Nick, the head brewer of our humble homebrew operation, brewed his first batch in September 2010 after his friends and him got together to buy their first Coopers homebrew kit, with a dastardly plan to make cheap lagers to watch the EPL at home with. That plan has since grown into a more complex and bigger full-mash operation, and a full-time hobby for the Quantum Physics PhD student.

Natasha found an appreciation for craft beer much like many other local drinkers did – through fruity German wheats like Erdinger and Hoegaarden. Interested in learning more about the world beyond mass, commercial beers, she fell into the rabbit hole of craft brews and hasn’t gone back to fizzy pisswassers since. She now edits the drinks section (among others) for a local lifestyle magazine and works part-time as the cleaning auntie and taster of our tiny moonshine operation.

From hop discussions, to the most fragrant burps from our favourite brews to hit the market (it’s a concept we’ve learned to embrace from our fellow brewer Hongyee), we hope give you our completely honest takes on the beers we’ve tasted, our favourite bottle shops and bars, and our thoughts on the local scene. Pull yourself a pint and enjoy the ride.

Nick & Nat.


All writing and photos, unless otherwise stated, are written and photographed by Nick and Natasha. If you like our stories and photos and would like to use it on your own medium, get in touch with us at beercanlah [at] gmail [dot] com and we’ll be happy to discuss the ways we can work together. :)


  1. Archipelago.

    Hi Nick and Nat,
    What is the general consensus on Archipelago beers at the moment? Worth a try?

    Thank you

    1. Yes they are good beers well made and definatly sessionable. Look out for there limited addition beer sometimes they can be quite interesting.



  2. Hi there, I saw a post you guys did on barrel aging and I’m actually more interested in doing that.

    Do you guys have email so I can contact you to talk more about this?

    1. I will be on Saturday 27th of August. Not sure I will have chance to brew for it this year.

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