The smelliest beer ever created


Stinky beer starter

In my pursuit of making an ever more sour beer trying to push the P.H. down. I ended up making the smelliest beer. It has a strong aroma of blue cheese and possibly vomit. I remember when I was kegging it and Natasha said to me ‘what the hell is the smell? Is that your beer. Are you seriously going to drink that.’¬†Apart from the pungent aroma the beer is still not great as has some medicinal flavours, but it is pretty source around 3.2 P.H. Its drinkable but only just. I recently entered this beer into a homebrew competition I expected it to score around 16 due to the aroma, it actually got 19 so not far off.

This culture actually made a few good lambic, but I had left to develop over two years in a small conical flask with some foil on-top. I feed it bi-monthly and it developed a large white¬†pedicle. In the start you could smell its pungent aroma, but I still put in my wort. The beer fermented rapidly and soured quickly. After kegging the beer I decided to throw the fermentor away as I really didn’t want this to effect any future beers. In hindsight I should not have kegged this beer, but I don’t believe in dumping beers.

Maybe this is not as smelly as my friends Durain beer. I have a crazy friend in Taipei that loves this stuff, wish I could ship him the full keg.

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